360 interior rendering test


Click the image below to see it in a 360° sphere.


GEODIS Les rouages

Props modeling, Layout, Rendering
Credits: Mathematic.tv

Air France - France is in the air

Set modeling, Shading, Lighting of various shots including last one.
Credits: Mathematic.tv


Roland Garros : un nouvel écrin pour un tournoi de légende

Modeling , Shading, Set dressing.
Credits: Fix studio



Layout shading, Lighting
Credits: Fix Studio


Audi electrise Paris

shading / lighting / compositing Credits: Les Vandales, Paris


Optimum wifi

A series of commercials for Optimum, I've been working on modeling of every sets and props and did some modeling and shading on characters too.
Credits: Digital District. Director Geoffroy de Crécy.



Layout on some shots including the airport take off.
Crédits: Digital District


Clarins Make up


director: CHRISTOPHE CHUDY dop: FABIEN BENZAQUEN sfx: SERGE ROUX cgi & compositing: FULLSCREEN colorist: THIBAUD CAQUOT @ HIGHFUN flame artist: FRANCK DARNOIS @ SNARX FX editor: CHRISTOPHE CHUDY original music: PASCAL BIDEAU creative direction: BRANDELET+PARTNERS production: ANITA KITCHEN post-production manager: JEROME DEPLATIERE post-producer: JULIEN GENCE / GLOW DESIGN

On this one I made the modeling, shading and layout of every shots. Did the rendering and precompositing too!


Cartier Odyssey

Two days of intense layout editing under the direction of Bruno Aveillan

Credits: Wizz studio, director Bruno Aveillan


RFF Accès Réseau

A series of 3 commercials for RFF, made at Fullscreen. Art direction by motionfanclub.


Canal sat logo reveal

credit: View

Layout animation for a video mapping displayed on 4 walls.


Peter by Nicolas Duval

Responsible for the seagull on the first shot, rig correction, animation, shading lighting.


Coca Cola summer

Agency : Psyop
Postproduction : WizzDesign
Directed by: Chris Delaporte

Worked on mainly every parts of the postproduction on this ad, including modeling of every props, rigging, camera mapping of the buildings and finaly rendering.


Medi - How Would You Do It

Directed in Paris by / Réalisé à Paris par THE HOLOGRAMS
Produced by / Produit par DIVISION (Paris)    (c) 2010 ATMOSPHERIQUES

Only did the modeling, animation and rendering of the first set.


Nike Shox Rivalry fake ad

Personal project made as an exercise at Supinfocom Valenciennes.

Music by Amon Tobin


Le Chêne et le Roseau (The Oak and The Reed)

Free adaptation of Jean de la Fontaine's fable "The Oak and the Reed" .
Made as a first year project at SUPINFOCOM Valenciennes.

Directors: Thomas FRANCOIS, Paul TORRIS
Original music: Ryoji IKEDA
Voice-over: Anouck MONTREUIL



Inis Gwirin

Reproduction 3D de l'appartement "Inis Gwirin" (1969-1980) de l'architecte Roger le Flanchec (1915-1986).
Références documentaires: "Cent maisons pour cent architectes européens du XXe siècle" éditions Taschen (2004)


The Bouncer

*I have been struggling with this guy for some months now...He was kinda tough, but I ended the fight today !...


Minimaousse V4

Minimaousse est un concours de microarchitecture ouvert aux étudiants des écoles d'architecture, de design, d'art et de paysage. Le theme de la quatrième edition à laquelle nous avons participés, porte sur l’architecture et l’enfance et s’intitule «Construire XXS pour les + petits».

Le concours vient de s'achever et nous avons les résultats! Si notre projet ne fait pas partie des lauréats, il fait partie des projets mentionnés!